Dear Parents and Teachers, please support us by actively participating in the D.C. Ambassador program in order to create a "Dignified and Caring" generation for our future. Find all the information about this program here, and help me make more and more D.C. friends. I am pretty sure that the world will be a much wonderful place to be in with such friends around.

What is D.C. Ambassador?
The D.C. (Dignified and Caring) Ambassador program is created to foster a supportive atmosphere for children to learn good moral values and manners and consistently practice good deeds every day at their schools and homes. The program intends to actively form "dignified and caring" children through fun, creative and competitive methods and be a medium of shared active communication between parents and teachers (probably the first of its kind in Indonesia).

The idea is simple. Parents and teachers work together to teach good moral values and manners to their children in the classroom and subsequently in the homes.Children will be continuously encouraged to practice the relevant values and manners every time. Their efforts will be rewarded at every end of the month. At the end of each month, teachers and their classes will select one winner to be that month "D.C. Ambassador". The idea is similar to "Student of the Week" but we carried it further to promote better self-esteem in children. We also created an attractive star design for our ambassador that teachers can use as the reward. Teachers are also encouraged to creatively use that design as the reward. (Click here for some ideas) The selection process continues every month, as the children's and or students will be evaluated at the end of every month. The previous selected ambassador can maintain his or her ambassadorship until the teacher and other friends select another or new ambassador who they think deserve the ambassadorship for that month.

This exercise teaches several things:
- to help children to always do good deeds and practice the good moral values and manners they have learned in order in a fun, creative and competitive manner;
- to help form the mind-set that "being good is awesome". Children will subconsciously embrace such positive notion from an early age, establishing good foundation of values for future moral development.
- to assist the establishment of continuity between what are taught in schools and what are taught at home. The program will serve as the merging point of continuity that seldom occurs in current value-teaching environments.

Teachers then can post their "D.C. Ambassador" winner's photo and the short story behind the student's ambassadorship in our page to boost their pride and encourage continuous effort to strive for the best to maintain their ambassadorship. These postings will also inspire other children to be D.C. Ambassador as well as other educators and parents to help their children to be D.C. Ambassador.

Certain voting mechanism is available if a child and his or her story inspires others. The number of votes will determine the 12 most promising D.C. Ambassadors at the end of the year, making them eligible to compete in our annual event called "The D.C. Ambassador of the Year Award". This event will take place in real world (not online) with prizes and other benefits given for the appointed D.C. Ambassador of the year, as well as his or her parents and teachers.

Who can participate in the program?

can participate by:
- Posting their own picture and tips or stories on how to teach specific life value in a fun and creative way

Teachers can participate in two ways:
- Posting photos and short stories behind the winner of a particular month's "D.C. Ambassador"
- Posting the teacher's own photo and tips or stories on how to teach specific life value in a fun and creative way

Sponsors can participate by:
- Purchasing the books and distribute them to social venues or institutions
- Creating specific personalized partnership programs that will marry the needs of both the sponsorship and our D.C. Ambassador movement

For more information about the benefits of sponsoring and partnering with D.C. Ambassador program please write to Lily & Eddy at, or call us at +62 21 292 77 989 and fax us at +62 21 292 77 888.

How to actively participate in the program?

It is very simple! Apply for our membership and you will automatically gain the access privileges to post and do other activities in our site.

Samples on how to use D.C. Ambassador Star

Attachment 1.1: Medal
Attachment 1.2. Medal
Attachment 1.3: Medal
Attachment 1.4: Sash
Attachment 1.5: Crown
Attachment 1.6: Sheriff's Hat