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Topic: Good Story for ur Children (Value Teaching)
2012-04-27, 18:17:00

Deannie Lavaswine was a young girl who lived in the time when dinosaurs lived. Deannie was so beautiful that Tyrone Tyrannosaurus was going to sought her.But,Deannie was an extremely rough girl.She was the opposite of Francie Lavaswine,her twin sister.Francie was much softer than Deannie,so she can be friends with Trilling Triceratops,Reiffa Stonetriumph and Joan Jurassic.Even,with the king of the Haghfernoss Cave (a cave like an apartment),Tyrone Tyrannosaurus! One day,Deannie and Francie was searching for flowers.On the way to the Lilstoppy Garden,they met their cousin,Tasha Tampleon.Tasha had a small,small plankton named Lilian Zoogerain from Charmaine Hergerain,her neighbor.Tasha said,"Only the nice girl will got Lilian." To test their attitudes,Tasha sent Tumminie,an elephant infant.Tumminie was hurt.So,Francie helped Tumminie.Tasha then gave Lilian to Francie. Moral value: Be helpful.
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