The Tale of Didgit Cobbleheart and His Fingers
I was the biggest bully in Cragtop Caves, but I was lucky to leave such bad attitude behind before it was too late. What happened that night with my fingers that changed me completely? Welcome to the beginning of my stories...

Simple Story, BIG VALUE :), September 22, 2011
by Fanny Kimeliana (Member ID: #MDC-2592)

It's about time to have a quality children book that is made in Indonesia. Love how the book can show that our simple fingers can make us want to be a better person. Simple Story, BIG VALUES! Can't wait for the next Didgit series ^_^

I love Didgit!, September 16, 2011
by Uthi Stevani (Member ID: #MDC-2535)

Lucu, cute banget deh, Didgit! Good luck ya! Ditunggu yang berikutnya...

short comment , August 29, 2011
by jeane jeane hillary (Member ID: #MDC-2555)

this book is great

simple story, July 29, 2011
by Satya Adirimata (Member ID: #MDC-251)

Unik, lucu, simple sehingga mudah dicerna pemikiran anak-anak. Sukses, semoga jadi pioneer dan tetap the best!

DIDGIT IS AWESOME, July 29, 2011
by Gregory Go (Member ID: #MDC-2522)

I have read the book, and i found it is very cool because of the story reminds me to be always nice to my friends so i can be happy. And i like the picture because it's very coulourful and funny too.

Very inspiratif...., July 28, 2011
by Stella Sunjaya (Member ID: #MDC-258)

My son Gregory loves this book very much. He was immediately inspired to write also about a new serie of Didgit with title: "Didgit and his new invention (wheel)" after reading this book..:)

Buku Anak, June 23, 2011
by Nita Arifin (Member ID: #MDC-252)

Anak-anak adalah berkat terbesar orangtua dalam hidupnya. Membaca bersama anak-anak sejak dini merupakan masa-masa berharga dan buku serial Didgit Cobbleheart menjadi bagian dari masa-masa berharga itu.

Angkat Topi, June 23, 2011
by Gianto Widianto (Member ID: #MDC-250)

Saya patut mengangkat topi atas semangat yang telah memungkinkan terbitnya buku ini. Semangat untuk menyediakan sarana bagi orangtua berkomunikasi dengan putera-puterinya lewat media yang cocok untuk anak-anak usia dini. Kiranya kisah-kisah dalam seri "Didgit Cobbleheart" ini bermanfaat sesuai dengan tujuan penerbitannya. Selamat!
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