Value Guidance for Book 1:
The Tale of Didgit Cobbleheart and His Fingers
The first book in the Tale of Didgit Cobbleheart series marks the turning point in the life of our son, Didgit. If you read the book together with your child, you can show him or her that sometimes, good things like our fingers and hands, can be unwisely used for bad purposes. A lot of times we also do not realize that the words we say can hurt other peoples feelings, and some children may not realize when they are hurting their peers physically. It is our duty to inform and guide them over these sensitive issues.

Our first task will be to educate our children of the bad things children may unknowingly have done or negative words they may have said to their peers, siblings or even to us their parents. Teach them about the importance of apologizing for their mistakes, and encourage them to be a better person by embracing kindness in their everyday life.

Through our sons experiences in the first book, we intend to show children that BEING NICE IS AWESOME! Furthermore, you can also download various fun family activities provided here to assist you enrich your childs mind.