Dear Parents,
When a child was born, he or she was like a blank book. It will be the duty of the parents, teachers, other family members and the social communities surrounding the child to contribute to the best development of that child- to help him or her to "write" the wonderful chapters of their lives.

As parents we fully understand that teaching our children is no easy matter. Creating a strong and beneficial relationship with our children also is becoming a daunting task. Every aspects of parenting become gradually more challenging and difficult as our children become smarter and develop more needs as they grow.

Thus, we see the needs for parents and children to have fun, entertaining yet educative materials that can strengthen and assist the nurturing process of the parent-children relationship. Through the series and this corner we intend to share our stories and experiences of our child, Didgit, to assist both his peers and their parents to navigate through simple daily experiences that will help them to understand the concept of good values- the strongest foundation we tend to overlook and disregard nowadays.

We do not claim to be the voice of authority in this matter, but rather, simply try to be a catalyst in providing fun, entertaining and valuable teaching materials to complement your children's formal education at school. We will share our experiences with our child as much as possible with all of you, from simple knowledge to more complex and abstract concepts. With the help from our resident psychologist, Ms. Joan Rais, you will find coding that indicates the nature of the activities.

Code C (color code: blue)
Activities that will stimulate cognitive capability will be coded C. Cognition is the mental activities involved in acquiring and processing information*.

Code A (color code: red)
Activities that will stimulate affection or emotion will be coded A. Emotion is any short-term evaluative, affective, intentional, psychological state, including happiness, sadness, curiosity, and other inner feelings*.

Code M (color code: green)
Activities that will use motoric movements, relating to nerves, neurons and muscle contractions will be coded M.
Note: some activities will help children develop more than one capabilities

Do not forget to check out our Fan Club as well, a space especially designed for your child to enjoy games, activities, competitions, handicrafts and sharing new ideas with each other. We encourage parental supervision and interactivity whenever your child is logged in to our site. Hopefully our reading materials and activities will help your children to be wholesome characters: endowed with a wonderful balance between intellect, creativity and noble values. Simply put: Dignified and Caring (D.C.) individuals.

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Warm wishes,
Tera & Piko