Hi Friends! Welcome to Sharing Smart Ideas- the place where you can find out how to make awesome DC-smartcrafts! If you have great smart ideas, post them on this site with a photograph of you and your idea. Each idea will have one to five starts that will indicate its difficulty (1 star = easy, 5 star = quite challenging). I like to do these crafts with my parents so I will encourage you to do the same. It will be more fun! Trust me...

Ideas sent without photographs or without instructions will not be posted. Oh yes, your parents must first be a member of my Fan Club and have an active account to submit an idea. And do not forget to ask your parents to help you fill in the following Release Form before you start posting:

Dear Friends, if you have some great ideas, share them with us! If chosen, it will be posted in the Sharing Smart Ideas section under the Fan Club. But first, your parents must be a member of this website. Then kindly ask your parents to help you to fill this Release Form before sending your ideas.
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