This is my best buddy, Luppo of the Von Sirkus Family troupe, better known as Fuzzy.

I personally think that he has the most amazing family in the world, and he is one amazingly cool kid! The first time we met I mistaken his hairy blue face for a wolf mask! Soon enough I learned to understand his pecularities and became best friends.

We may have little fights now and then, but no quarrel can crush our strong friendship. Behind his seemingly cold character, Fuzzy is in fact quite a gentle-hearted boy inside.

Shhh... don't tell him I said that though. Oh yes, he is also an extra cool kid because he has four unique pet circus animals: a Pygmy-Giant Octopus, a Ginormosaur, a Floppyraptor and a Baby Woolly Mammoth. Who can ever top that?!
Likes: all kinds of animals, swinging from treetops, any sports
Dislikes: mean cave people, talking and performing