Value Guidance for Book 2:
The Tale of Didgit Cobbleheart and the Big Bone
In our son's second book, "The Tale of Didgit Cobbleheart and the Big Bone," Didgit tries to blame all of his past bad behaviors on his favorite belonging, the Big Bone. Like its name, the Big Bone is indeed a big-scarry looking bone. Didgit thinks that only by throwing away the thing that has helped him being a bully, he can start being a new Didgit.

Fortunately we can stop him throwing away a precious family heirloom, and teaches him TO BE RESPONSIBLE OVER HIS OWN DEEDS. We then show him other fun and creative things we can do together with the Big Bone.

Like in the first book, you can also download various fun family activities of book 2 provided here to assist you enrich your child's mind.