Didgit Donates to TB Kuala Mandor B, Kubu Raya
Dear Friends,

About a month ago the chapter of Bhayangkari Police Wife organization in Pontianak opened up a new reading garden in Kuala Mandor B, Kubu Raya, West Borneo.

I donated 800 of Mencintai Flora dan Fauna Indonesia Barat coloring and storybooks from some of my supporters to this reading garden. Thank you to all the supporters who have helped make this happened. Many gratitude to Mrs. Santi Lestari Avianti who assisted the book delivery so that these children can enjoy reading and coloring them. Mrs. Santi reported that since the books are available in the reading garden, children have asked their teachers to visit the place daily to color the books! That is so wonderful!

This is a good example that together, we can make a difference. If you want to participate in creating a better world for needy children in Indonesia, please contact for further information.

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Yours truly,